2016 EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler Receives "Zero Waste" Award

by Pittsburgh 10 Miler

P3R receives a "Zero Waste Award" for achieving a landfill diversion rate of 97% during the 2016 EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler.


(PITTSBURGH, PA) – The Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) presented a “Zero Waste" Award to P3R in recognition of their commitment to minimizing the amount of solid waste sent to area landfills during the 2016 EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler. P3R is a passionate advocate for sustainability practices and collaborates with many community organizations to achieve green initiatives at all of their events.


More than 4,000 runners participated in the the 2016 EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler, which took place on Sunday, Nov. 6. Waste produced from the event was weighed to determine an accurate diversion rate by weight. The EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler reached an impressive 97% landfill diversion rate. Without the services provided by PRC, approximately 4,574lbs (2.3 tons) of recoverable material would have been sent to the landfill.

“We are thrilled to accept the 'Zero Waste' Award for the 2016 EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler,” said Dee Stathis, P3R COO/Director of Marketing and Operations. “P3R's commitment towards a greener Pittsburgh can be shown throughout our events as we continue our ‘race to zero waste.'”
P3R partnered with PRC to lead the event on sustainability initiatives.
PRC provided collection containers throughout the Finish Line Area and Post-Race Party and provided two full Zero Waste stations for the Medical Tent and Finish Line. P3R coordinated with the Department of Public Works to secure a truck to haul out all landfill waste and P3R hauled all compostable waste to a local farm for composting.
"PRC works hard at keeping valuable materials from landfills and is proud to work with P3R on their continued greening efforts,” said
Teresa Bradley, Zero Waste Services Coordinator.


About the Pittsburgh Three Rivers Marathon, Inc. (P3R)

P3R is a nonprofit organization that is passionate about promoting the love of running and enhancing community access to health & fitness education and activities. Best known for organizing the acclaimed annual DSG Pittsburgh Marathon, we also run a variety of other high-quality races, events, and health & fitness programs throughout the Pittsburgh region. While many of our races attract some of the nation’s high-profile professional athletes, we offer activities for all ages and ability levels. The only criterion for participation is a desire to be happy, healthy and active. For more information, visit www.P3R.org.


About the Pennsylvania Resource Council and Zero Waste Pennsylvania

Zero Waste Pennsylvania (ZWPA) is a project of the Pennsylvania Resources Council. In 2009 Zero Waste Pittsburgh (ZWP) was enacted to provide waste reduction services and resources in Western Pennsylvania as a community need. Today, Zero Waste Pennsylvania provides waste reduction techniques to various commercial businesses, residential entities, institutions, and special events across the state. Over the years, ZWPA’s services have been utilized by a wide demographic, ranging from the individual persons to multiple Fortune 500 Companies such as FedEx Ground and Westinghouse Electric. ZWPA and PRC pride themselves with many years of applied expertise in developing creative Zero Waste solutions.


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